Book Mia Rae


I love romantic dinners, stimulating intelligent conversations, shopping, traveling & learning. 

I have a flexible schedule and book by appointment only.
Pre-booking is highly recommended & greatly appreciated.

I am a  fully verified and authenticated model/entertainer.

You can be confident of the level of professionalism.

If you are interested in same day booking, please leave a 2-4 hour window for me to get ready.


In order to make an appointment, I may need personal information.


Any personal information collected during the verification process is destroyed once I am able to verify you.

Light screening will always be required for my own personal safety.

My Time




 *Multi-Hour Booking -Please email



Wardrobe request


Fetish(depending on type)


**All Verification is done through discreet & untraceable email/phone

**Please understand that I must confirm that you're a legitimate and SAFE person before  booking.

If you are not prepared to provide the information needed, or I cannot verify the info provided to my satisfaction, you will not able to  book with me.

Please be professional when contacting me.

No rude or vulgar language.


Option #1

Vouched/OK'd Member of legitimate  Website.

Send Profile Information 

Or Message Me on that  site.

Option #2

references from well-known entertainers

Please Include:  

-Her contact/AD info  

-Your name, number, email you used to book the appt &  

-Any info that will help your reference remember you

(ie. location or any other specifics)  

 Must Have an active add!!

Option #3


1. A photo of You "SELFIE"

2. A Photo of your ID 

*I only need to see your Name and photo

3. A photo of:

(choose One)

business card

check stub

work ID