Fans, admirers, photographers, videographers, this is where the debauchery begins!


If you are an established photographer/videographer, please send me an email with a link to your website, MM or any where else I can check out your work, as well as shoot details-location, pay, duration, expectations, etc..

Fans/Admirers, amateur (not established) photographer/videographers, please check out the options below and choose one that would best suit you and or your comfortability. Email me ALL requested info in one email along with the day/time frame you are interested in.


Screening will ALWAYS be required to meet new people.

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-Text ONLY with booking info!

-No vulgar, sexual, or random one liner texts like, "You Available?" or "I'm a big fan" or "Free?" PLEASE!

-Do send approximate day and time range you are interested in booking me, with all requested screening information listed below.

Cleveland, Ohio

Incall is only available from 11am-7pm

Approximate location will be given once verified.

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Screening Options

Welcome! I hope you have taken some time to get to know me a bit and understand what it is that I'm looking for in a new admirer. If you have never indulged in the pleasures of meeting your favorite porn star, model or any upscale provider, please take a moment to read over my "ETIQUETTE" page before ruining your chances on the first email. I like to be fun and exciting, but not until I know you are legit, safe and not just wasting my time for your own selfish pleasures. Naughty boy.


EVERY new client must go through the same screening process regardless of gender, race, physical appearance or whatever else you may think earns you special treatment.

I do not care if you are a "fit, white, business man" or not.

Please, be sure to have done a little research on me and know what you are looking for and when.

Send me an approximate day and time range you are looking for

("I am available Mondays between 3-4PM"


"Weekends after 6")

as well as if you are looking for an incall or outcall.

This also applies to couples!

Every party involved MUST be screened!

(I may ask for an additional selfie to prove info is really you and not someone using your info or you trying to be someone else. Some gentlemen are crazy and don't like being told no so they make multiple names, emails and numbers to try and breach security. Sad, but it's the truth we live.)



Verification site member-

If you aren't already, you may want to choose to become a member of some of these reputable screening services as they are invaluable for both providers as well as clients. Being a member of a verification site makes everyone feel safe as well as making it far easier for both parties to set up a date quickly to get past the awkward stages of screening.


***Not a member of P411?

Book a double with both Mia Rae and I to get your 2 provider references needed to sign up!***


**I may still request additional information on a case by case basis.




2-3 Reputable/Established providers/models you have seen in the past. They must have active adds posted on a verified provider website like P411, Eros or Slixa (not a lower end site that doesn't require ID or photo verification to sign up).

Please send THEIR:


*Personal Website

*Email address

*Where you found them (current adds)

*How you contacted them

*A way that they may remember you

As well as any other information you think might be helpful.


Please send YOUR:

First and Last name

Cell phone number

Email address




I should be receiving at least 4 pics from you to prove current employment/disability status.

(I may ask for an additional selfie to prove info is really you and not someone using your info or you trying to be someone else)

(**All of the following are required**)

**Picture of your gov. ID

**Picture of you holding your gov. ID near your face (only your name, face, city/state and DOB need to be visible on ID)

**Company name

**Your position/title


**Along with your choice of two or more of the following supporting documents:


-Picture of work ID badge.

-Business Card

-Workers Comp Cert.


-Paycheck stub with a recent date, your name and the company (I don’t need to see sensitive information).

-The company website with your photo/bio on it.

-Your company phone number (Must be a listed company phone number you are linked to and can be reached at).

-Your direct line (Must be listed and linked to your company).

-Tax Forms

-Military Documents

no refunds

My Wife Mia Rae

Yes! My REAL wife. Legally married. We have been together since May 08' and married since 12/13. We met while escorting and love our open and understanding relationship.

Check her out and have some fun!

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