In order to make sure everyone is comfortable and ready for fun when we meet, allow me to discreetly ensure no mistakes or miscommunications have been had, I'm not being shorted or handed a bunch of $1's wrapped in a couple $20's, PLEASE be sure to remember to do the following at the beginning of our date:

Incall (my place)

  • Place the full donation on the dresser (fanned/opened so I can quickly glance over to verify) and excuse yourself to either shower or wash your hands.

Outcall (your place)

  • Leave the full donation amount on TV stand/dresser (fanned/opened so I can quickly glance over to verify).

Understand that verification is in place for my safety and comfortability as well as yours. I use the same standard screening that all upscale stars/models/companions use when choosing to meet an admirer/fan. Your information is kept completely private and confidential. I screen thoroughly and request that you tell me a little about yourself during the screening process as well. This generally helps me to ensure we will be somewhat compatible and have an enjoyable time.


I want to see you just as much as you want to see me, so let's get this out of the way!


I see the need for companionship, craving laughter and the warmth of another human being, as a beautiful masterpiece of human nature. So many different canvases and colors to choose from, only a few will be able (willing) to understand you and your unique composition. I genuinely love learning about people and what makes them the work of art that they are. Let's create an unforgettable experience!



Please check out my rates and availability options below and send me an email with detailed shoot information. I'll respond ASAP!


***I have used a few paintings below to illustrate- No, I am not selling them. Haha!


no refunds

Dinner Date

$300 for the hour to 90mins.

Need someone to talk to? Miss my wit, charm, and conversation (hehe)? Arm candy at dinner? Complete PG-13 1950's date.

The Van Gogh

1 hour - $500

Gustav my Klimt

90 Minutes - $600

A bit more time to chat.

Revel in Renoir

2 hours - $800

Let's  get to know each other.

*This is my preferred booking for new friends as well as my regulars.

I love to have your favorite beverage waiting (incall) to help you relax and enjoy our time together! 

I want more

+$350 each additional hour


Need more time?

Become a Star!

Fan Meeting


Always wanted to meet a porn star AND star in a porno? Scared for people to find out? Don't care?


I am now accepting new talent bookings



You can choose from the following styles:


POV (You hold the camera so your face is never seen).

Masked (Your choice of either fetish style or vanilla).

Brave (No filters, angles, masks or cropping, visible everything)


1 hour with me - 5-10 minutes footage - $600

2 hours with me - 5-10 minutes of footage - $900

1 hour with me - 30-45 minutes footage - $800

2 hours with me - 30-45 minutes of footage - $1400


*You get to keep a copy for your personal collection!

*MUST be OK with having your ID on file as well as a signed model release!


*Since you are not an established star, I would still need to verify you well enough to feel safe meeting with you alone.

*You may also choose either to sign over all rights to footage (so I may put it on more platforms other than justpaintedthatway.com. such as- clips4sale, onlyfans etc) or choose for it to only be available on my personal site (www.justpaintedthatway.com).

Fly Me to You!

Must have established provider refrences


Can't get to Cleveland?

Am I not visiting your city/state?

Book me for at least 3 hours ($1100) and I can be on a plane coming to see YOU! 


3+ hour booking

Flight, hotel and any other travel expenses paid for prior to meeting.

40% of booking deposit sent prior to meeting.

REAL Girl on Girl Experience!



I LOVE women! Rates below are for 2 girl artistic experiences with my REAL wife, Mia Rae. Although  I have no problem working with any other girl of your choice, rates will be different.


Here for the show.

$400 Hour

Ever wondered what girls do together behind closed doors...? Now is your chance to watch your own LIVE girl on girl interaction! It can either be a personal show, or a group!

+$100 each head after initial $300 for the show.

The show last's for one hour. 

If you would like us to mingle longer- +$200 Hour


$700 Hour

Let us help you to relax and get pampered by 2 beautiful ladies. This is truly an unforgettable experience.




If you would like to take pics and or videos of us during our date, we would be more than happy to pose for your camera! 

Photo Shoot

$150 Hour

Professional and newbie photographers welcome!



Erotic (pink, spreads, solo masturbation)

Minimum 2 hour shoot.

Please email me with more detailed shoot information, links to example work/portfolio and/or MM #.

XXX Video Shoot


**I am NOT shooting boy/girl (penetration) content for any company but my own!

Available for:


Girl on Girl

Solo Masturbation

Fetish (never submissive roles)

Please email me with more detailed shoot information and what your budget is.

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My Wife Mia Rae

Yes! My REAL wife. Legally married. We have been together since May 08' and married since 12/13. We met while escorting and love our open and understanding relationship.

Check her out and have some fun!

You can also see her on Lucy Land XXX!