***I am not a high volume girl and love to have regulars.

***I do not book more than 2 dates in a day, and that is only when time slots are limited on both ends and never back to back.

***Last minute dates can be tricky and rarely work out (unless you are already vouched for/have OK's). Please plan ahead and try to have an available day and time in advance so I can properly screen and plan for our date.

***I don't sit at home waiting for calls. If I don't have a date or photo shoot booked, I am with family, crafting, out enjoying nature, site seeing or finding a cool restaurant.

Please allow at LEAST an hour for me to either get ready or get back home.


You would think most of these would be I am having to create this page.



  • Email, text or call me talking about what you want to do to me.

  • Ask ANYTHING sexual before being screened.

  • Say ANYTHING about BBFS.

  • Expect or ask me to hang out with you outside of a paid booking.

  • Show up to our date with major extras in mind that have not been previously discussed, thinking I'll just say OK because you are already there.

  • Try to negotiate my rate.

  • Text me for hours asking for more pics and info when everything you need is on my add and/or personal website.

  • Book a date with me without knowing my rates or anything about me.

  • Ask if checks are OK

  • Show up dirty and unwilling to shower (I shouldn't have to ask).

  • Leave a short donation thinking you could get away with it (you will be blasted on every platform I can find as well as blacklisted on private sites for us ladies).

  • Show up saying you didn't look at my rates and ask what they are.

  • Book an appointment without being specific about your wife being present and possibly being involved (It's called a couples date).



  • Email, text or call as a gentleman with manners and some filter.

  • Show up to our date with discussed items, wardrobe, donation, or surprise gifts.

  • Place the correct donation in plain site with either my name on it or in an envelope with my name on it.

  • Read my entire add and check out my website to make sure you have the correct donation and know a little bit about me.

  • Be showered, clean, trimmed or shaved. 

  • Make donations in cash, PayPal or cashapp (+3% of rate).

My Wife Mia Rae

Yes! My REAL wife. Legally married. We have been together since May 08' and married since 12/13. We met while escorting and love our open and understanding relationship.

Check her out and have some fun!

You can also see her on Lucy Land XXX!