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Welcome to Lucy Land!

So many possibilities to get involved with me! Whether you are able to see me in person or you would be interested in custom pics/clips, getting to know me via text, buying sexy merchandise, subscribing to Lucy Land XXX or spoiling me with gifts from my Amazon Wishlist for me to take personal pics for you with/in!


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I get asked a lot what the difference is between signing up for Lucy Land XXX and any of the other platforms (c4s, onlyfans or manyvids) I upload my XXX videos on. Lucy Land XXX is where my focus is and where a lot of my boy toys feel comfortable being uploaded since it isn't widely advertised. When I do a shoot, the other party has the option of where they would like the content uploaded on the release form. Lucy Land XXX is by far the most popular choice. Since I can upload easily from my phone to my onlyfans, that platform usually sees more candid pics as well as teasers and select boy/girl scenes I have been given permission to share there.


SUBSCRIBING as a paid member to Lucy Land XXX for only $12 a month will get you unlimited access to hundreds (almost thousands soon!) of XXX pictures (professional and candid) as well as 45+ NEW (not found any where but here or my other personal paid profiles) teaser, solo, girl on girl with my wife and ADULT Boy/Girl videos of me with lucky fans and admirers who booked my BECOME A PORN STAR experience! I will also be trying out a new LIVE video chat feature once a month (at least) to chat with my paid subscribers!


More videos coming weekly!

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Lucy Land

Open space for suggestions, ideas, questions etc! Keep it clean and classy!

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Where am I? What am I doing there?

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Where do you like to hobby? Why?

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Share your thoughts, ideas, fantasies, hobbies or anything else you would like to conversate about! I want to know YOU!

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  • This summer has been pretty crazy!! Finally starting to slow down so I’m really looking into how to expand Lucy Land XXX even more!! You guys have been so awesome! Thinking cosplay? Fetish? More random public locations etc etc! Suggestions are greatly appreciated!! What would you like to see more of??
  • Check out page! If you aren’t a member of Lucy Land XXX, I have added some preview clips to make you want MORE!
  • Sharing is caring! What are some of your favorite scenes or box covers?

My Wife

Yes! My REAL wife. Legally married. We have been together since May 08' and married since 12/13. We met while escorting and love our open and understanding relationship. Check her out and have some fun!